2018 Lambstravaganza

Next one is March 31, 2018

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye!



The 24th annual Easter Island Lamstravaganza.

We will be having a little lamb on Saturday before Easter. Come to the island, roast some lamb. Compete for the coveted Golden Shank Award As always, this is Pot luck! (Grill luck?)


  • Lamb Leg Dish
  • Lamb Not Leg Dish
  • Veg(etarian) Dish
  • Dessert under 12
  • Dessert Over 12

We start prep around 11, with fires hot. Target 2:00 for removal of grilled items from grills and lamb judging for the coveted Golden Shank awards. Pot luck dining will peak around then too!

Judging Method: The Lamb Judges will hold court, and entrants will humbly approach them. This way, you won't get missed!

Tune up your favorite lamb recipe! 

What to Bring
Yourself and any friends or family you wish. This is a very open event.
A Lamb dish to prepare and Share and/OR a side dish, salad, or dessert.
Suggested distribution to share by FIRST initial:
o A-H : Appetizers
o H-M: Side dish or Salad
o N-S : Dessert
oT-Z : Main Dish (Hint: Lamb)
o You are absolutely free to vary from these suggestions. Especially if you have a killer chocolate dessert.

wine or other beverage.


Sunscreen, a sweater, an umbrella if it is raining

The weather, she is fickle. Now that our age exceeds 115, the official rule is "IF IT'S RAINING, WE'RE NOT GOING" Watch this site for the alternate plan

Games, whatever, for the kids. Kids are especially welcome and cherished!

We will provide:
Hot coals, limited barbeque implements (including a generous selection of those left behind from last year), paper plates, utensils, cups.

Bring yer kids. Bring yer lambs. Try not to confuse the two.

Come by Boat -- your own. We'll try to secure the end-tie for rafting.

This event is not associated with any organization. It's just a pot-luck! In fact, the word "organization" is pretty inappropriate.

It is perfectly fine to extend this invitation to your friends and family. The more the merrier!


Lambstravaganza -- making the world safe for clover one shank at a time.




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